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Surprise, surprise. According to Adweek, Consumerist readers have named Luvs spot “Poop, There It Is” the Worst Ad in America for 2011. The honor is well deserved. And who on earth was responsible for licensing “Whoomp There It Is” for this use? Check it out—truly horrifying.

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Facebook: All Things to All People?

A Tale of Oreos, Lindsay Lohan and Hosni Mubarak

When and where else, I’ve asked myself in the last few weeks, has a media property been an ad revenue juggernaut that can also foment a revolution? And what does that say about Facebook, as opposed to all of the other media properties that have come before it?

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Need more proof that social media is important for your business? In case you still have doubts, this video from Google engineer Matt Cutts explains the relationship between social and search.

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Secrets of a social-media headhunter

Really great Q&A with social media headhunter Jim Durbin on what it takes to be a good social media marketer (and what you should be looking for if you’re hiring a social media consultant/director).

My favorite tidbit is on social capital as a job requirement:

"Social capital can actually be a great hindrance, as lots of people know how to promote themselves but don’t know how to promote their company. ‘Buy this brand of soda because Kelly has 20,000 Twitter followers’ isn’t a good business case."

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Social Is the Future!

From Mark Zuckerberg: “You can integrate a person’s friends into almost anything and make [it] instantly more engaging and viral,” he told me. “You care so much more about your friends. It’s not an intellectual thing. It’s hard-wired into humans that you need to focus on what the people around you are doing. It’s this very visceral, deep thing. That, I think, is the structural thing that is going to make it so that all these industries change.”